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DOJ Suing Georgia over Election Integrity Law


The Department of Justice (DOJ) plans to sue the state of Georgia over its recently-enacted election integrity law, according to Friday reports.

SB 202, according to Washington Post, “discriminate[s] against Black Americans,” and is “is the first major voting rights case the Justice Department has filed under the Biden administration and comes as Republican-led state governments across the country have been seeking to impose broad new voting restrictions in the wake of President Biden’s victory over Donald Trump last November.”

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectThe new law, which was enacted in March, requires tighter voter identification restrictions, particularly for mail-in or absentee ballots, among other provisions.

But Democrats believe, and the DOJ will reportedly claim in its lawsuit, that Black Americans have difficulty obtaining identification cards, and are thus disenfranchised by the new law.

Leftists in the sports, entertainment, and business worlds have condemned the state for passing the law.

Major League Baseball moved its All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in the immediate wake of the bill’s passage.

Notably, Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, a company that requires identification to for passengers to fly, spoke out against the bill.

The law was passed after the 2020 election, wherein “no excuse” absentee voting was implemented for the first time. Critics of the practice say it is ripe for fraud.

Democrats say that the new laws are a solution without a problem.

But in a bombshell June 14 report by The Georgia Star Newsa Fulton County elections official admitted to what this site has been reporting since Election Day – that legally required chain-of-custody documents for absentee ballots in the city have never been produced.

“As we review the documents provided to you and our daily log. [sic] We noticed that a few forms are missing, it seems when 25 plus core personnel were quarantined due to positive COVID-19 outbreak at the EPC, some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced,” Fulton County elections official Mariska Bodison told The Star by email.

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